Words on Steroids

EnFind enables bloggers, publishers and forums to:

  • Engage readers with a dynamic layer
  • Increase traffic through recirculation
  • Monetize the demand you create
  • All with only one line of customizable code

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What is EnFind?

EnFind uses NLP and machine learning to give readers better choices. The technology can be customized in thousands of ways that allow the publisher to connect to related content and products, with links, popups, and web pages. This provides readers with a more convenient search experience and a more engaging reading experience. For example:

Monty Python's Flying Circus is coming to Winnemucca.

EnFind Is Easy To Try

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Read with EnFind

Browse example articles from our site to experience what it's like to read with EnFind.


+ Use EnFind Anywhere

To quickly try EnFind on any page, follow three simple steps:

1. Press Ctrl-Shift-B or ⌘-Shift-B in your browser to show the bookmark bar (if it's not shown already).

2. Drag and drop the white button above to your browser's bookmark bar.

3. Click the bookmarklet on any page with text, and you should see some underlined words. Click on any of those words to try out EnFind.

Chrome Extension

Download Extension

Requires Google Chrome Web Browser. After installing the extension, simply visit a website and click the button in the top-right corner of your browser.